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Redbacks and kids toys

Redbacks are one of the most well-known and feared spiders in Australia and with good reason. They are nasty looking and pack a painful bite for an unwitting victim. As the days begin to heat up, mixed with rain periods, Redbacks are forced to seek cooler shelter in-doors and under outdoor items like children’s toys.

Most parents are fearful of their children being bitten by a Redback and are often not sure what to do if it occurs, here’s some basic tips.

Where to look

Before you start, always wear thick gardening gloves to help protect you from a spider bite and make sure children and pets are not close by – they like to sneak up and see what you’re up to!

Area’s to check include:

  • The underside of toys, in plastic moulding, crevices.
  • Trampolines.
  • Swing sets, slides.
  • Outdoor furniture.
  • Dog kennels

How to help protect your home against spiders

Store children’s toys in one location, preferably off the ground – always take care when handling toys after storage.

Remove all webs away areas including under eaves, doorways, window frames, pool fences.

What to do if you are bitten by a Redback

If you or a member of your family suffers a Redback spider bite, follow the DRABCD action plan and perform basic First Aid steps.

If severe pain occurs, call 000 for an ambulance immediately.

Still concerned?

If you believe or suspect that you have a spider pest problem, please contact your local Amalgamated Pest Control team for further advice.

1300 883 556


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