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Garden Maintenance

Rodents use tree branches to access homes

Over hanging branches create the perfect bridge for rodents to climb and access your roof void or ceiling area. From here, they can quickly establish themselves in the roof void and wall cavities.

Once inside, rodents can cause damage to walls, keep you awake at all hours of the night and chew through electrical cables. This can be costly, uncomfortable and more importantly dangerous – rodents have been know to cause household fires by damaging electrical cable.

Signs you may have rodents at your home

  • Scratching sound on the ceiling or behind gyprock walls, (dry wall).
  • Droppings around outside areas.
  • Dark coloured ‘rubbing’ marks on walls or furniture.

How to help protect your home against rodents

You can help stop rodents entering your home by following these ‘Top Tips’

  • Trim branches close to the gutters and roof – use a ladder and pruning tools safely.
  • Don’t leave pet bowls filled with food.
  • Make sure rubbish sealed is sealed and bins are fully closed.

Still concerned?

If you believe or suspect that you have a rodent pest problem, please contact your local Amalgamated Pest Control team for further advice.

1300 883 556

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